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Welcome to St Mary's Lodge 707

The Masonic Lodge of St Mary's 707 is one of the oldest Lodges in the County of Dorset and the UK being consecrated in 1857

We have evolved as a lodge over the last decade and begun to embrace much needed change and acceptance of our role in the modern world.
We believe the key is the manner we practice and enjoy our freemasonry in a friendly and inviting environment especially within the comfort of our much admired traditional temple.

Following the unique St Mary's Emulation 'Workings', we enjoy dining at our Festive Board with quality fayre provided by our own caterers.

Bridport is a small but vibrant market town an is predominantly a retirement area hence our reduced numbers, especially those in the under 50 age range.
However, we have an enthusiastic and forward looking team charged with raising our profile and promoting our image and delivery.

Consequently the adoption of a more proactive approach has resulted in attracting an influx of younger masons, both initiates and joining members encouraging us to pursue this positive avenue of recruitment.

St Mary's hold nine regular lodge meetings a year including Installation and are held on the second Thursday of the month. These regular meetings are preceded by a rehearsal on the Monday prior.
A Lodge of Instruction for Master Masons and above is held on the third Wednesday.

We aim to maintain the traditional values of St Mary's 707 and Freemasonry in general whilst enjoying harmony and fellowship through lodge meetings and by fundraising for masonic and local charitable causes.

Becoming a Freemason requires no formal qualifications in respect of religion, education, ethnicity or financial status.
The essential qualifications however are;
A) You will be the full age of 21years ( certain dispensations for 18+ years
B) A sincere wish to be part of a welcoming and fraternal society that embraces the need to support charitable concerns including those in the local community.
C) To believe in or acknowledge the existence of a supreme being without prescription.

If Freemasonry is of interest to you or should wish to know more, please feel free to contact us via our social media outlets, ( Website, Facebook, Instagram or twitter ) or by personal contact with any lodge member. We would be happy to discuss any and all aspects of Freemasonry with you without reservation, pressure or commitment.

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