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Welcome to De Moulham Lodge

Swanage Masonic Hall,
Marshall Row,
BH19 2AF

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We have been meeting in Swanage for over 150 years, we were consecrated in 1867, two of our Founders were the well known Swanage benefactors John Mowlem and his nephew George Burt, who at the time were members of Old Dundee Lodge No.18.

We first met in the Mowlem Institute and in 1917 moved to our present building, the old Gas and Water Company offices in Marshall Row. We have recently refurbished the interior, it has it's own fully licensed Bar and catering facilities, which are well used for our Lodge Meetings and Social Events etc.. After each Lodge ceremony we have a good quality dinner, where drinks are consumed and Toasts made to the Queen, senior masons and visitors etc.,in a warm friendly atmosphere with plenty of fun and banter.

Our membership comprises of men from all walks of life, and various occupations and ages who all mix well. We endeavour to deliver a high standard of ritual for the benefit of our Candidates, to uphold the ancient traditions and established values of Freemasonry but also to benefit from the technology, attitudes and visions of the 21st Century. We also raise funds for local charities chosen by the Master each year, as well as contributing to the Masonic Charity.

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A FREEMASON? We welcome all good men of integrity and good morals, of every religious faith, sect, creed and ethnicity.
ARE YOU ALREADY A FREEMASON? Unattached, new to this area or just visiting? A warm welcome awaits you in DeMoulham Lodge.

We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month except July and August at 6-30pm apart from June Installation when we meet at 4-45pm.
CAR PARKING is in the adjacent hill of Park Road or the Downs Car Park, above the pier, with a short level walk to the Lodge.

Twitter/Facebook: DeMoulham Lodge 1146
Instagram: 1146doc DeMoulham Lodge


Lodge Meeting 16th March 2020 

We are having a visit from the Widow Sons Masonic Bikers Association on Monday night 'The StoneCutters'. We are looking forward to an incite into their work in Freemasonry.

We will also be honoured with our PGM joining us to present one of our members WBro Peter with his 60 years Service to Freemasonry Certificate. more...

Lodge Meeting 17th February 2020 

Bro Sean has overcome many complications since he took his 1st Degree.
Illness and major surgery etc., but he was able to complete his progress and become a MM.
Bro Sean's 3rd Degree continued in the same vein, it was an extraordinary Ceremony to say the least, one could say unique in our history. Many Brethren participated in many ways and Bro Sean was successfully raised to the Sublime Degree of a MM. more...

Lodge Meeting 20th January 2020 

Another enjoyable meeting and as usual our WM was in fine form..

We had an excellent presentation and film on the work of the 'Pilgrim Bandits' a Charity supporting our injured and mentally ill Armed Services and Blue Light Emergency Services. Pushing them to extremes they didn't think they would ever achieve again. Most interesting work and we were pleased to make a large donation towards it from our Raffle at the Festive Board. more...


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