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Welcome to De Moulham Lodge

Swanage Masonic Hall,
Marshall Row,
BH19 2AF

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We have been meeting in Swanage for over 150 years, we were consecrated in 1867, two of our Founders were the well known Swanage benefactors John Mowlem and his nephew George Burt, who at the time were members of Old Dundee Lodge No.18.

We first met in the Mowlem Institute and in 1917 moved to our present building, the old Gas and Water Company offices in Marshall Row. We have recently refurbished the interior, it has it's own fully licensed Bar and catering facilities, which are well used for our Lodge Meetings and Social Events etc.. After each Lodge ceremony we have a good quality dinner, where drinks are consumed and Toasts made to the Queen, senior masons and visitors etc.,in a warm friendly atmosphere with plenty of fun and banter.

Our membership comprises of men from all walks of life, and various occupations and ages who all mix well. We endeavour to deliver a high standard of ritual for the benefit of our Candidates, to uphold the ancient traditions and established values of Freemasonry but also to benefit from the technology, attitudes and visions of the 21st Century. We also raise funds for local charities chosen by the Master each year, as well as contributing to the Masonic Charity.

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A FREEMASON? We welcome all good men of integrity and good morals, of every religious faith, sect, creed and ethnicity.
ARE YOU ALREADY A FREEMASON? Unattached, new to this area or just visiting? A warm welcome awaits you in DeMoulham Lodge.

We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month except July and August at 6-30pm apart from June Installation when we meet at 4-45pm.
CAR PARKING is in the adjacent hill of Park Road or the Downs Car Park, above the pier, with a short level walk to the Lodge.

Twitter/Facebook: DeMoulham Lodge 1146
Instagram: 1146doc DeMoulham Lodge


De Moulham attends Provincial Grand Lodge meeting 

The WM WBro John Masters accompanied by WBro Jeff Kill, Terry Roddick, Robert Brownridge, and Don Mack attended the annual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting at Serborne School on Thursday to see WBro David Spiller receive his promotion to PPrAGDC, pictured in the centre.
After an excellent meal at the festive board we attended the well supported PGL meeting, with all Lodges being well presented. more...

Bro John Goddard 50 years 

Brother John Goddard, a joining member of De Moulham Lodge for 22 years, has been presented with a Certificate to mark 50 years in Freemasonry. WBro Matt Devereux, Provincial Grand Charity Steward and our Visiting Officer also presented John with a 50 year lapel pin being a personal gift from our Provincial Grand Master. more...


Well done to all those who helped with the raft building,preparation, practice and took part in the Dorset Freemasons Raft Race in Poole Park on Sunday July 2nd 2017, in aid of the local Air Ambulance. A good day was had by all. Will it be an annual event? more...

Raft Race 2017 

Our Raft came 2nd in Poole Park. more...

More of Raft Race 2017 

Almost won more...

Tercentenary Banner 

Dorset Masonic Bikers escort the Tercentenary Banner to our Masonic Hall on Saturday 5th August 2017.

They were met by the WM and Brethren and enjoyed a Cream Tea together more...

2018 Raft Race 

Watch out Brethren they are getting a team ready for the 2018 Dorset Masonic Raft Race. We will have to practice early to beat them. more...


We have not had a Candidate for some time, please make every effort to attend our next Lodge Meeting on the 16th October 2017 at 1800hrs to welcome our new member into The Lodge, and give him a good Initiation Ceremony.

Officer's get those Ritual Books out and give full support to our WM in his first Ceremony. It will be a good night, don't forget to book your meal .See you there, your Lodge needs you. more...

Lodge Meeting October 17th 2017 

A most enjoyable evening was had by all, when our WM and his team for the first time performed a most sincere and near perfect Initiation Ceremony for our new Candidate Graham. Everyone wined and dined very well at the Festive Board with the great company of our many friends and our lovely visitors and guests. We want some more of these nights, more Candidates wanted, do you know of one. more...

Dorset Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting 

Good to see our WM and several Lodge members at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting at Sherborne School on Thursday 26th October 2017 to witness two of our Brethren being promoted, and to support our PGM on his last AGM,

The Brethren enjoyed an excellent meal, a lovely service in the school chapel, followed by a well supported Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting. A great day to meet old friends, a good time was had by all. Well done all the organisers. more...

Christmas 2017 

The WM, Wardens and Officers of DeMoulham Lodge wish all the Brethren of the Lodge, Members of the Lodge of Instruction and Class of Improvement, our friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and our Caterers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year. more...

WBro John Blakeney PAGPurs-UGLE. Funeral Arrangements. 

WBro John Blakeney's Funeral will be take place at Poole Crematorium on 28th February 2018 at 11-30 am, and afterwards 1-30 pm at Swanage Masonic Hall. more...

Lodge Meeting Monday 20th March 2018. 

The weather didn't stop a good attendance of members and visitors to our Lodge Meeting last night.
One word would describe the 2nd Degree Ceremony, excellent. Members, Visitors and our Candidate were most impressed. Well done WM and your team.
The evening ended with an enjoyable Festive Board, during which £200.00 was raised for the WMs Charity by the raffle. more...

Oceana Cruise 2018 Ladies Event 

The WM, Officers, Brethren and Ladies all safely home after the 2018 WMs Ladies Event cruising the waterways of Bruges aboard the Oceana.

The Brethren arrived home this morning, but there was still a good turnout for Lodge of Instruction this evening. It was a fun night with the IG occupying the WMs Chair and opening and closing in all three Degrees. more...

Golden Wedding Anniversary. 

Many Ladies, Gentlemen and Brethren, and Friends and Family, helped Les and Jacqui celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary at the Masonic Hall, Swanage last night.

Everyone enjoyed good food, good wine, and good company. It was great to see Les and Jacqui, who now reside in France, looking so well.

A good time was had by all, Congratulations Les and Jacqui, it was an excellent night. Hope you enjoyed your day as well. more...

Lodge Meeting 16th April 2018 

The WM and his team of Officers performed a near perfect 2nd Degree Ceremony and passed Bro Clive Collier.

The IPM WBro John Masters was presented with his 50 Years in Freemasonry Certificate by our Visiting Officer on behalf of the PGM.

The JD WBro Peter Brayshaw celebrated his 90 years birthday, all the Brethren sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to him. more...

Lodge Meeting 21st May 2018 

The WM and his team performed a superb Ceremony and raised Bro. Graham to the Sublime Degree of a MM.

WBro John M was declared ME for the forthcoming year and WBro John P was elected Treasurer for the new year.

The WM gave Notice of Motion that at the next regular Meeting he will propose that a sum of money be released by the Trustees to enable the refurbishment of the Masonic Hall to be completed over the Summer break. more...

Installation June 18th 2018 

Our IM Martin performed an excellent Ceremony installing our new WM John into the Chair of King Solomon, last night

It was a most enjoyable evening with lots of lovely visitors and guests from far and wide.

We witnessed a few differences to the norm, which made it all the more interesting and could become a tradition in the Lodge.

At the Festive Board WM John was overcome with emotion, when all the Brethren raised a glass to him after the Master's Song. more...

WMs Charity 2018-2019 

Our new WMs chosen charity this year is the NCI : National Coastwatch Institute, local branch at Peveril Point, Swanage.

This voluntary organisation helps keep all those that go on, in, or near the sea safe.

The Raffle at the Installation Meeting raised £270.00 for this worthwhile charity, an excellent start. more...

DC and WMs Meeting 

The WM and DC are attending the WM and DCs Meeting tonight at Portland Masonic Hall. sure to be an interesting and enjoyable warm evening, but no Football more...

Lodge Meeting 17th September 2018 

The Members and Visitors were amazed at the amount of work that had been carried out during the Summer break. Decorated throughout, new Gents and Ladies/Disabled Toilets, new carpet etc. etc.. Our grateful thanks to Derek Evans and his team for overseeing the work.

The new facilities were enjoyed by all, and so was the excellent meal presented by our new Caterers after our 3rd Degree Ceremony upstairs. Congratulations Ollie on becoming a MM. more...

Lodge Meeting 15th October 2018 

The October Meeting will be a completion of Ollie's Master Mason's Degree, with the 3rd Degree Working Tools presented for the first time, by one of our younger members.

After which Ollie will receive, and all the Brethren are sure to enjoy a presentation of the Walking Charge by one of our Senior Members.

Followed by full closings in all three Degrees. more...

Central Heating 

The new Central Heating System is now installed in the Lodge Room.

No more cold Meetings, it's going to be warm and cosy tonight and throughout the Winter.

Other improvements still ongoing, it just gets better and better. Congratulations to the refurbishment organising team,for a job well done.

Don't forget to book in for the Christmas Sunday Lunch on November 25th 2018, Derek the ADC is taking bookings. This popular event soon gets booked up. more...

Lodge Meeting 15th October 2018 

An excellent meeting last night Bro.Ollie completed his Raising Ceremony the climax of which was receiving the Walking Charge, a lovely piece of Ritual that was enjoyed by all.

A most enjoyable Festive Board afterwards, sent everyone home in good spirits.

We are unable to read the minutes of 100 years ago as the 1918 Minute Book appears to be missing. more...

Lodge Meeting 19th November 2018 

It's going to be a good night on Monday.

We are having a talk on DeMoulham Lodge's historical connection with the Lodge of Amity No 137 at Poole, to be given by a Guest Speaker.

A Prospective Candidate will be proposed and seconded.

We also have a larger number of Guests/ Visitors than usual, joining us.

Other News: more...

Lodge Meeting 19th November 2018 

Another most enjoyable meeting last night. It was good to meet old friends and make new ones. An interesting historical talk was given by our Guest speaker, it's a pity DB was unable to be there, but it's good news he is home.

Our VO informed us it will be his last official visit, he will be missed by all.

Next month December 2018, Bro Peter will receive his 50 years Certificate and WBro Herbie will receive his 60 years Certificate, further details to follow. more...

Christmas Sunday Lunch 25/11/2018 

Brethren and their wives, partners, friends and guests enjoyed an excellent Traditional Christmas meal with musical entertainment, dancing and singing in the Masonic Hall dining room. Our grateful thanks to Derek and Robert for the organisation and Peter and John for running the Bar.
The Raffle raised nearly £300.00 for the local Dementia Society to help with their work. more...

Lodge Meetings December 2018 

The Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge No 9942 will be holding their next regular Meeting at our Swanage Masonic Hall, on Tuesday 4th December 2018, at 6-30pm.They will be working a 2nd Degree, it's going to be a good night.

At our next regular Meeting on Monday 17th December 2018, the PGM will be attending and presenting our GO Herbie with his 60 year, service to Freemasonry Certificate. Come and support Herbie and your Lodge on this special night. more...

Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge at Swanage. 

The Brethren of DeMoulham Lodge were pleased to support Dorset Sportsmen's Lodge when they held their regular Meeting at Swanage Masonic Hall.

The Class of Improvement, laid up the tables in preparation for the Festive Board.
Lodge Members ran the Bar, and 8 of the 16 visitors were Members of DeMoulham Lodge.

The Sportsmen's Lodge Secretary gave the Toast to the Visitors, who all enjoyed the hospitality on this excellent evening. more...

Bro Lee Wrake 

Bro Lee Wrake was Initiated into DeMoulham Lodge in 1976 he did not progress but was a regular attender until he resigned for personal reasons in 2007.

Lee was one of the last D-Day Veterans, he joined the RAF aged 19 years. Sgt Lee Wrake landed on Omaha Beach, Normandy on the 6th June 1944. After saving a man who had been hit in the stomach, he himself was hit in the chest by shrapnel, but survived. more...

Lodge Meeting 17th December 2018 

A most enjoyable Christmas Meeting last night with old and new friends.

The highlight of the evening was the PGM presenting WBro Herbie with his 60 years Service to Freemasonry Certificate.

An excellent Seasonal Festive Board followed with Turkey and crackers etc.,and the wine flowed.

The Raffle raised £305.00, to which the Class of Improvement added £200.00. The total £505. more...

Lodge Meeting 17th December 2018 

Following on from our Christmas Meeting when the Raffle and a Class of Improvement donation,
raised £505.00 to help a cash struggling local family, bring their son Henry home for Christmas, after life saving surgery abroad.

The cheque for £505.00 was presented to Henry's Mother, Vicki Searle, by our SD Martin Slater.

Martin said Vicki was so appreciative, and wished to thank all the Brethren for their generosity. more...

Bro Peter Bunker. 

Bro Peter Bunker was presented with his 50 years Service to Freemasonry Certificate at the Residential Care Home where he now resides.

Full story and details on the Provincial Midas Website. more...


A very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year to all the Brethren in Dorset, and throughout the world. more...

Lodge Meeting 21st January 2019 

Our first Lodge Meeting of 2019 on the 21st January is going to be an Initiation of our new Candidate.

After a break for the seasonal festivities, it will benefit all those taking part to attend our Class of Improvement meetings on the 7th and 14th January and the final Rehearsal on the 18th January.

Have you found SOLOMON you will find it very interesting and beneficial.

Go to you will be amazed at the amount of information there. more...

Lodge Meeting 21st January 2019. 

Looking forward to Initiating our first Candidate of 2019 on Monday 21st at 6-30pm. It's going to be a great night, have you booked in?

All the team are ready to go, final Rehearsal and lay tables on Friday 18th at 7-00pm

Lodge Brethren are supporting our IPM Martin when he is being exalted into Chapter of Unity No. 386 at Wareham on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 6-00pm. more...

WBro Bryan Gibson. 

WBro Bryan Gibson, 'Gibbo' passed to the GLA on 17th January 2019, shortly after his late wife's passing on the 2nd November 2018.

Gibbo joined DeMoulham in 1991 and was WM in 1999 and 2000 and held the rank of PPrJGW.

Bryan and his wife Margaret were well known in Swanage having run the Purbeck Hotel for over 20 years.

Our thought are with Alexis who lost her Brother some years ago, and now lost her Mother and Father. more...

Miissing Minute Book 

An excellent Meeting last night, enjoyed by all our members and the many guest's present. Two MMs presented NEC and W/Ts for the first time, looking good for the future, well done Bro's Martin and Trevor.

Welcome Bro. Sean into our friendly Lodge by the sea.

URGENT MESSAGE our 1918/1919 Lodge Minute Book appears to be missing, has anyone borrowed it for research etc.. Until it is found we are unable to read the Ancient Minutes of 100 years ago at our Lodge Meetings. more...

WBro Bryan James Gibson. and Maureen Blakeney 

WBro Bryan Gibson passed to the GLA on 16th January 2019 aged 79 years.

Bryan's Funeral Service is at Poole Crematorium on Friday 8th February 2019
at 11-30am. Family flowers only, donations welcome to Macmillan Cancer Support, and may be left on the plate at Crematorium..

Maureen Blakeney, wife of the late WBro John Blakeney passed away on the 26th January 2019, after a short illness. more...

WBro Bryan James Gibson. 

We gave Bryan a good send off at Poole Crematorium yesterday. A great many Masons from Dorset and others from further afield attended the Celebration of Bryan's Life.

Farewell Dear Brother 'Gibbo' now reunited with Margaret. RIP. more...

Missing 1919 Minute Book. 

Everyone in the Lodge is rejoicing. After many months of searching for the missing Minute Book, IT HAS BEEN FOUND.

It was found in a Brother's home who had been using it for research.

We can now resume the reading of our Ancient Minutes of 100 years ago, at our Lodge Meetings. more...

Lodge Meeting 18th February 2019 

Tables all laid ready for the Festive Board at our Lodge Meeting Monday night.
Should be an interesting evening GLCs being presented to our recent two MMs by our DC,--- Ballot for our re-joining member Bro Phil, --- and a practical demonstration by an Operative Mason WBro Alan on 'Preparing the Stone'. Sure to be a good night. more...

Lodge Meeting 18th March 2019 

Disappointing news on arrival, Bro Sean who was due to be passed to the Degree of a FC could not attend due to family illness. The WM decided to conduct a demonstration 2nd Degree Ceremony and the DC asked for a volunteer Candidate. None was forthcoming, so the DC offered himself as Candidate, this was accepted by the WM. WBro Don did a quick change and donned the EAs apron. Bro Don was passed to a FC in a fun, but very sincere Ceremony. more...

Lodge Meeting 15th April 2019 

A very nervous Candidate Bro.Sean was passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft last night, splendid work by the JD Peter, the SD Martin and the SW John helped put Bro. Sean at ease. Stw'd Trevor gave an excellent presentation of the WTs as did Ch. Stw'd Robert explaining the TB.

An above average number of guests/visitors added to the enjoyment of the evening rounded off with a superb Festive Board, during which the raffle raised an excellent amount for Zetland Court. more...

Grand Rank Promotion 

Congratulations to our Treasurer WBro John Price on receiving his promotion to PJGD at Grand Lodge on Wednesday 24th April 2019.

A well deserved promotion. more...

Lodge Installation Meeting June 17th 2019 

Once again we can look forward to a great night, when our WM John M, Installs our ME John C. into the Chair of KS.

We will be honoured with the presence of our PGM and his Provincial Team for this special meeting.

Please make every effort to be there, and try and bring a guest to swell the numbers.

Don't forget the early start 4-45pm, its sure to be a good night. more...

Installation Meeting Monday 17th June 2019. 

Many Brethren, including 21 Visitors and the PGM and his Provincial Officers witnessed a wonderful Installation Ceremony and enjoyed a superb Festive Board.

It was great to see the Lodge Room and the Dining Room so full, and every one enjoying themselves.

The Raffle raised £255 towards one of the new WM Charities for his year, 'Riding for the Disabled'.

We now have two Johns as WM and IPM, and two Martins as SW and JW, could get confusing. more...

Lodge Meeting 20th January 2020 

Another enjoyable meeting and as usual our WM was in fine form..

We had an excellent presentation and film on the work of the 'Pilgrim Bandits' a Charity supporting our injured and mentally ill Armed Services and Blue Light Emergency Services. Pushing them to extremes they didn't think they would ever achieve again. Most interesting work and we were pleased to make a large donation towards it from our Raffle at the Festive Board. more...

Lodge Meeting 17th February 2020 

Bro Sean has overcome many complications since he took his 1st Degree.
Illness and major surgery etc., but he was able to complete his progress and become a MM.
Bro Sean's 3rd Degree continued in the same vein, it was an extraordinary Ceremony to say the least, one could say unique in our history. Many Brethren participated in many ways and Bro Sean was successfully raised to the Sublime Degree of a MM. more...

Lodge Meeting 16th March 2020 

We are having a visit from the Widow Sons Masonic Bikers Association on Monday night 'The StoneCutters'. We are looking forward to an incite into their work in Freemasonry.

We will also be honoured with our PGM joining us to present one of our members WBro Peter with his 60 years Service to Freemasonry Certificate. more...


As far as we know all Brethren are staying safe and keeping well.

Nothing much is going to happen until after the Spring in theese trying times.

Please dont forget your Ritual Books, we could have two Initiation Ceremonies before our Installation Meeting in June 2021.

Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. more...


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