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Welcome to the Lodge of Honour and Friendship

There has been a Lodge of Honour and Friendship in Blandford for most of the last 200 years. We have a rich history that we are proud to keep alive and are eager to share. We are diligent in our work, boisterous in our play and generous in our charity. We love to sing and we like to eat. If you are a Brother; come and visit us; if you are not; come and join us.

Blandford Masonic Hall
West Street
Blandford Forum
DT11 7AW

We warmly welcome anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry

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Blandford Lodges support the town Remembrance Parade 

At the Blandford Town Remembrance Parade on Sunday 8th November The WM of 1266 Anthony Chambers and the WM of 8290 Simon Evans laid wreaths along with other organisations in the town. This has become an annual event for the Blandford Lodges. As we did last year, we also joined in the parade and march past through the town. The difference this year was that, having obtained the necessary dispensation, the banner of 1266 was included in the parade. more...

Blandford host Town Museum AGM 

On Wednesday 11th May the Blandford Town Museum held their AGM, for the first time, in the Masonic Hall, Blandford. Members of both Blandford craft Lodges turned out to help make the evening a success. Prior to the start of their meeting the Museum people were shown a display of Masonic Regalia and afterwards we all sat down together in the Lodge Room to receive a wonderful talk from WBro Dave Smith of Cuthberga Lodge regarding the historic feudal system of the Kingston Lacey Estate. more...

The 1266 Burger Tent 

The Lodge of Honour and Friendship No. 1266 burger tent has been put away for 2016. more...

Inter-province banner comes to Blandford! 

To celebrate 300 years of freemasonry the Provincial Grand Lodges of Hampshire and Isle of Whight, Devonshire, Dorset. Wiltshire, Cornwall, Somerset, and Gurensey & Alderney commissioned a special banner.

Recently this banner toured every lodge in Dorset on a special road trip of the Dorset Masonic Bikers. The un-seasonal weather was no match for the bikers and the lodges who received the banner with pride.

Pictured here, are some members of this lodge with the banner. more...

A family occasion in Blandford 

The Lodge of Honour and Friendship in Blandford welcomed it's newer member last night, and while every new member is valued by us, this was extra special. Luke Jones is now a 3rd generation freemason, his father Richard is usually the lodge director of ceremonies, took a demotion for the night and guided his son around during the ceremony. The master of the lodge has known Luke for many years and was delighted to be able to conduct the ceremony. more...


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