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Welcome to Freemasonry in Dorset.

Since 1736, Freemasons have been meeting in Dorset and today our membership of more than 2000 men from all ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds regularly meet in harmony and friendship.

Freemasonry means different things to each individual – making new friends, contributing to society, celebrating a long tradition, experiencing personal growth, taking up a hobby or simply having fun.

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On your Mark..... 

The story starts in 2018 when the Yeovil Freewheelers Emergency Volunteer Service, the oldest operational blood bike group in the country, who were providing a free emergency courier service between hospitals, laboratories and patients across South Somerset and part of Dorset recognised that there was a gap in their coverage of Dorset, and a blood bike operating out of the Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester would fill this need. more...

Dorset Lodges begin to return. 

This week saw the return of three Dorset Lodges to newly Covid secure meeting places with Lewellin meeting this Monday! Dunckerley, Blackmore Vale and Ashley Lodge were first out of the block!

Sportsmens, Brownsea Island, Canford, Honour and Friendship and Northbourne as well as many more making plans to meet in their own buildings or as guests in Poole if their building isn't ready yet!

And we keep on keeping on!! We found this picture particularly striking! more...

New to Bournemouth University or Arts University Bournemouth? 

Are you new to Bournemouth University or Arts University Bournemouth? Though your Freshers Fair isn't happening this month - you can enjoy our virtual Freshers Fair!

Tradition and continuity are two of the values which characterise the relationship between Freemasonry and universities.

It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford, with Isaac Newton University Lodge following soon afterwards at Cambridge. more...

Helping the NHS in Dorset 

As part of the support given to local charities and causes by Dorset Freemasonry, working in partnership with the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Brother Rick Clarkson, an active member of the Dorset Masonic COVID committee, presented St Mary's Maternity Hospital in Poole with three pairs of 'Zaky Hug' positioning aids. more...

Face-masks for Festival '25 

Masonic Face Mask and shopping Trolly Token in aid of Festival 25,

Bridport based Freemason, Duncan McGhee has started fundraising for The Province of Dorset's Festival 25 appeal in support of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Duncan, a joining member at St. Mary's Lodge No 707, has designed square and compass face masks that craft members may purchase, ideal for the return to Masonic meetings or even a visit to the shops! more...

Children with complex disabilities will have holidays with their families thanks to a £60,000 grant 

Hundreds of children and young people with complex physical and learning disabilities will be able to take a break during the school holidays, thanks to a grant from Dorset Freemasons to the Diverse Abilities charity's Coping with CHAOS programme. Children with complex disabilities tend to be excluded from other holiday activities due to unwelcoming attitudes, parents' fear of being judged and clubs not being able to cater to the children's needs. more...

Happy Birthday! Roy Ricketts - 100 today! 

Today Roy Ricketts celebrates his 100th Birthday with his family.

Born on July 13th 1920, in Poole, Roy joined the Ashley Lodge and Freemasonry on Jan 29th 1954 and has been an active member ever since, regularly attending meetings right up to the current Lockdown. A fit and popular member of the Lodge Roy was Master from 1962-1963 and has held active Provincial office in Dorset on more than one occasion. more...

Dorset Freemason in artistic response to Covid19 

Wareham Mason, Malcolm Lewis has come up with a novel way to raise awareness of, and raise funds for the Dorset Community Coronavirus Appeal. Malcom, knowing quite a few artists in the area, has set up an online auction of pieces by them with 25% of the proceeds going to the appeal.

Malcolm, a member of The Lodge of St. Martin, will be holding the auction on Sunday 14 June from 3.00 pm. There are over 120 lots! more...

£6696.90 and counting local support 

£6696.90 and counting local support !

Each Masonic Province in England and Wales has been allocated funds by the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) who are supported by donations from all Dorset Freemasons, to distribute to local projects actively assisting with the COVID-19 situation.

Formed under a month ago The Dorset Freemasons Covid-19 Committee (DFCC) has already distributed £6,696. more...

Get the T-shirt! 

The competition for the t-shirt design was won by Bro Tom Bavington of Brownsea Island Lodge No 9689 and all surplus funds generated from sale of these T-Shirts will go directly to support the NHS charities.

Sherborne Food Bank receives donations from Lodge of Benevolence 

The Sherborne Food Bank has been in existence for some nine years to help people in Sherborne and the local area who are in need. Inevitably, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic there have been many more calls than usual on their resources and hence they are in need of extra support. This came to the notice of members of the Sherborne-based Benevolence Masonic Lodge. more...

Dorset Freemasons help Swanage school feed the vulnerable. 

Dorset Freemasons help The Swanage School provide meals for the vulnerable. The Dorset Freemasons Charity (DMC) have provided £1000 of funding to help start up a project by Swanage School. The school are providing healthy and nutritious meals to those most in need in their local area.

Not only has the DMC provided this much needed funding to 'seed' the project but the Dorset Masonic Bikers Chapter plus De Moulham Lodge have played their part too. more...

Dorset Freemason Fighting Covid-19 in the North Sea 

Dorset Freemason Brother Wayne Ingram, Senior Warden of United Service Lodge No.3473 Portland, is currently detached from his job as an NHS Paramedic to assist with North Sea repatriations to the United Kingdom.

Here is an update from Wayne:

'Although my family home is situated on the lovely Isle of Portland, a stones throw away from sitting in the chair as Senior Warden of United Service Lodge No. more...

Design a t-shirt Competition 

Feeling creative during lockdown. Why not help us to design a t-shirt in support of our Heroes in the NHS. The competition is open to anyone around the world and you don't need to be a Freemason.

Deadline for entries is the 8th May (full details on the poster).

UPDATE - We accept all design formats so email your pdf, jpg or gif to

If you've sketched or painted your design take a photo and attach the image to your email. more...

3D Support to Frontline Workers! 

Andy Belding of Brownsea Island Lodge No 9689 is currently working his 3D printers 24 hours a day to make frames for face shields for frontline workers.

Being an engineer by trade, Andy saw a lot of people discussing about making face shields on number of online engineering and 3D printing forums. The national 3DCrowdUK group was starting to show up with a well thought out design and procedure for assembly and distribution


Steve dons a dark blue apron whilst volunteering at Dorset County Hospital 

Steve Regan from Brownsea Island Lodge No 9689 has been volunteering on the cancer ward at Dorset County Hospital throughout the current Coronavirus crisis.

In quite a remarkable story, Steve was originally hospitalised whilst he was abroad and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that resulted in radical surgery where most of his stomach was removed. more...

NHS Supported by Ferndown Lodge 

On a recent visit to Bournemouth Hospital the Immediate Past Master of
Ferndown Lodge, Vic Plowman, was able to present a cheque for
£750 to the Bournemouth Hospital Charity representing £500 for the Bournemouth Hospital Cardiac Department and £250 to the Bournemouth Eye Hospital. This was part of the total of £4500 in donations made from the Ferndown Lodge Benevolent Fund and announced at the last Installation meeting. more...


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