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Lodge of Meridian (6582) Social Calendar 2022-2023 

The Lodge of Meridian is arranging a Social Calendar for all its Members, Families and Partners. We have come up with a number of possible events and are looking at dates for the future events and they will be published soonest. These potential event may include: more...

(Published by Lodge of Meridian)

January 2022 Regular Meeting 

With the beginning of 2022 we start our return to 'normality' with the commencement of ceremonies at our regular meetings. On Friday 28th January, after waiting patiently for nearly 2 years, Mark Thompson took his third step as a Freemason.

During an excellent ceremony, witnessed by his friends and carried out by our Worshipful Master and his team, Mark conducted himself superbly and was a credit to the newly bestowed badge of a Master Mason. more...

(Published by Ashley Lodge)

Dorset Freemasons supporting Service Dogs UK 

Service Dogs UK provide Veterans from the Armed Forces and emergency services suffering with PTSD with specially trained assistance dogs at no cost to the Veteran.

Nigel Rousell said 'We are hugely grateful to Dorset Freemasons for the generous donation of £1,000 to our South West Hub. These funds will be ring-fenced for a reward project that we wish to launch'. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Philippines typhoon victims to receive essential supplies thanks Dorset Freemasons 

Hundreds of families across the Philippines in desperate need of help in the aftermath of Typhoon Rai will be receiving essential supplies thanks to a grant of £25,000 to Plan International from Dorset Freemasons and other Provinces.

Freemasonry, through the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), is responding with Plan International to support affected communities at this critical time. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Sesquicentennial Meeting 

It was a busy night at Beaminster Manor Lodge 1367 Sesquicentennial meeting with both the Provincial Grand Master, Grand Officers and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers attending the special occasion.

At the Lodge's consecration in 1872 at the White Hart hotel, forty three Brethren were present. The White Hart was situated on White Hart Street. Sadly this grade-II listed pub closed in 1999. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)


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