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For Lodge L5331 - Kinson.

Kinson Lodge Profile

KINSON LODGE No 5331 – Who we are!
Warrant dated 21st December 1931

The Masonic Hall, Ferncroft Road, Kinson, Bournemouth
Meets 6:00pm on the third Tuesday, September to June. Installation April.

In January 1931, seven Brethren met to consider founding a new Lodge at Kinson which was a fast growing suburb, North-east of Poole and North-west of Bournemouth. In 1934 the last specially built Masonic Hall in Dorset was dedicated and finally opened. Kinson Lodge No 5331 has since grown and enjoys an active and supportive membership, with members coming from many different backgrounds and parts of the United Kingdom.

We have a wide of skills from what started out as perhaps a craft and trades lodge. Our membership does not have any particular trades or occupational bias though a rich mix exists. A number are employed in the building, construction, engineering, electrical and health and safety sectors; craft occupations, and education. Others have retired from business; the Armed Services; the Police Service and Public Service. Music also features quite prominently with a number playing keyboard, guitars and brass band instruments. Some of us play as a brass ensemble to entertain brethren at our Christmas meeting. One of our highlights is an open air Summer BBQ and concert where again the lodge musical talents and other support bands contribute to raising donations for a number of local charities and special projects. Kinson also joins in and supports other Dorset Provincial activities such as the annual Zetland Fete, the Dorset Masonic Quiz and the Raft Race (and current holders!) It enthusiastically supports local charities and is constantly looking for other worthwhile projects that may need assistance.

Kinson Lodge is particularly proud that its distinctive membership mix including many senior and experienced members, works collectively to enhance the Masonic experience for all its Brethren: Not only those newly-admitted, but also to those working their way through the various progressive offices to become the Worshipful Master of the Lodge and beyond. Additional classes of instruction are run every month from September to June together with rehearsals to help brethren progress and enjoy their Masonry through the various lodge offices.

At Kinson we believe that Freemasonry should be fun and enjoyed but also believe that to be a freemason is both an honour and a privilege. We are a diverse and inclusive lodge and throughout the year the Brethren and their families enjoy a wide range of social events outside of the Lodge. New and prospective Brethren will immediately recognise the warmth and family ambience that Kinson offers and look forward to members settling in among new friends.

W.Bro Peter Evans MBE Worshipful Master 2018


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