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Jan. 2020

Amphibious support The Samaritans

Michael Raine, Treasurer of the Amphibious Lodge, was welcomed into the Royal Arch in the Amphibious Chapter, at their January convocation, during which Michael McHugh, First Principal, conducted an impressive exaltation ceremony with members of the Chapter presenting Lectures in catechism form (questions and answers).

An enjoyable evening, attended by the Provincial Second Grand Principal, Julian Mitchell, accompanied by Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter, raised a significant sum for the local branch of the Samaritans – - a charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone, who is in emotional distress, struggling to cope or at risk of suicide.

Photograph shows (l-r):
Peter Montgomery – Acting Second Principal, Julian Mitchell - Provincial Second Grand Principal, Michael McHugh - First Principal, Michael Raine – Exaltee, David (Toffee) Thornton – Third Principal.


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