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For Province P1060 - Province of Dorset.


Mar. 2020

Chapter Ensign and Banner lecture

At the February Convocation held on Tuesday the 3rd at Portland those present witnessed an Ensign and Banner lecture conducted by the MEZ EComp Richard Swan and the Director of Ceremonies EComp John Halford, and supported by EComp Roger Hart (Haggai), EComp Bob Turner (Joshua) and many Companions of the Loyal Manor Chapter. An explanation of each of the four principle Banners was given and then each of the three Ensigns which were ranged under each Banner was also explained in turn. On completion each Banner and Ensign was returned to it's usual position within the furnishings of the Chapter and a concluding lecture was given by the MEZ, Haggai, Scribe E and Scribe N.

The event was very informative to those who were previously unaware of the significance of the Banners and Ensigns, and a timely reminder for the more experienced Companions present. With several distinguished and well known visitors in attendance, the Festive Board which followed was a warm and happy occasion.

At a Heads & Tails, Comp Chris Barrett was very fortunate to win a large Valentines Day cake skilfully made by the wife of Comp John Travers. Comp Chris and the Chapter overall is very grateful for their generous support.


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